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June 8, 2016 By ElfriedaT 0 Comment

HWSETA Funds Animal Health Training in Eastern Cape

Ntabankulu, Eastern Cape, 26 May 2016: The link between animal and human health, combined with the need for rural communities to be capacitated in improved animal health has seen the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) commit funding to a variety of animal health projects and programmes over the last 18 months.

Communities from the Alfred Nzo Municipal District in the Eastern Cape are the latest beneficiaries of HWSETA funding in that 400 individuals, cooperatives and small businesses will receive training in various animal health skills programmes and of this number 200 will be funded for entrepreneurial skills workshops. Whilst the funding will benefit 400 people directly, the funding will be far reaching as the skills and knowledge gained will benefit the community at large through improved animal healthcare in the area.

The programme is the result of a partnership between the HWSETA and Alfred Nzo Development Agency (ANDA) situated in Mount Ayliff. The partnership was celebrated at a function held at the Royal Residence of Chief Sigcau in Ntabankulu on 26 May 2016.

“To meet the country’s need for animal health, to facilitate transformation and drive skills development within the veterinary sector and to capacitate rural communities in terms of animal health are key deliverables for the HWSETA,” comments Ms Yvonne Mbane, CEO for the HWSETA.

According to Honourable Madzikane II, CEO of ANDA: “With 18% of the population of Alfred Nzo being functionally illiterate, thus compounding the challenge to create much needed jobs for the more than 29 0000 unemployed people, the Programme between ANDA and HWSETA is the continuation of our efforts to build capacity and skills that will stimulate the regional economy which will not only bring hope but create job opportunities within our local context.”
“This partnership with ANDA is an important milestone, that not only contributes towards the HWSETA meeting its mandate, but will also offer significant benefit to the communities within the Alfred Nzo Municipal District,” concludes Ms Mbane.