Corporate Services

Overview and Functions of Corporate Services Division

A work environment that is conducive to staff performance and ultimately service delivery is key to the success of any organisation. The HWSETA’s Corporate Services Division is responsible for this important activity within the organisation and provides support services to all divisions. Whilst the Corporate Services Division’s overall responsibility is the development and implementation of the HWSETA’s corporate strategy, policies and procedures, as well as the development and maintenance of systems, more specifically, the division seeks to:

  • Ensure that all corporate policies and practices are aligned to the objectives and mandate of the HWSETA;
  • Facilitate and expedite delivery of all HR activities;
  • Ensure the provision of suitable office space at both national and provincial levels;
  • Promote effective communication with all relevant stakeholders;
  • Provide information technology to enable the HWSETA to deliver on its mandate;
  • Facilitate the development of a record management system.

Ensuring adequate capacity in the form of skills and human assets, as well as capability in the form of systems, procedures and policies underpins all the activities of the Corporate Services Division.