Vision, Mission and Values


The creation of a skilled workforce for the health and social development needs of all South Africans.


The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) endeavours to create an integrated approach to the development and provision of appropriately skilled health and social development workers, to render quality services comparable to world class standards.

Our Credo

That in meeting the needs of creating a skilled workforce for the health and social development sectors in South Africa, and all others who use our services, everything we do, consistently, must be high quality, within Ethical boundaries. This commitment extends to everything we do to bring our services to the people who use them.


The HWSETA espouses the philosophy of a better life for all through people development.


The HWSETA holds dear the following core values:
  • Service Excellence
  • Transformation
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Accountability

Service Delivery Charter​

Services Turn Around Time
Telephone enquiries attended to 48 hours
Respond to written correspondence (mail, email and fax) 48 hours
Notification to conduct site visits/validation, monitoring, etc. 5 days
Acknowledgement of receipt for any documentation submitted 48 hours
Accreditation of service provider 180 days
Re-accreditation of service provider 12 weeks
Registration of assessors and moderators 8 weeks
Re-registration of assessors and moderators 6 weeks
Issuing of certificates for learners after all requirements fulfilled/met 4 weeks
Registration of learners on HWSETA system by training providers Before commencement of training
Feedback report after validation, verification, site visits 7 working days after visit
Intake of new learners January and June/July
Submission of learning material/training material – including extension of scope January 7 to 31, July 1 to 30 (4 months)
Appeals lodged with HWSETA 2 weeks after decision