Important Notices

Postponement: October 2018 EISA

Postponement: October 2018 EISA Dear Stakeholders The HWSETA hereby informs you that the date for the 18 October 2018 EISA is postponed to 15 November 2018. In the interim, SDP’s, RTC’s and accredited assessment centres are urged to submit File 1...

Important Notices

New HWSETA Helpdesk Portal

An HWSETA helpdesk portal has been introduced to provide the best service delivery possible to all our relevant stakeholders. The previous method of sending emails to erp@hwseta.org.za will no longer be used and has been replaced. Click here to view the...

Important Notices

SDPs Please Note: Important Information Regarding Accreditation/Approval of NQF Programmes

HWSETA Skills Development Providers please note communication below: HWSETA memo regarding accreditation/approval of NQF Programmes (download memo here) QCTO Response to queries regarding circular 1 of 2017 (download document here)  
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