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March 30, 2020 By Dhesan Govender 0 Comment

COVID-19 Invitation to the Higher Health Second Webinar, with NICD

COVID-19 is a virus that evolves and calls for continuous interrogation in order to understand the
virus and manage it decisively. Therefore, HIGHER HEALTH has partnered with NICD to undertake a
series of webinars on COVID-19. The intention of these webinars is to provide capacity development,
authentic and updated information and the latest guidelines and protocols, across the post school
education sector.

The presenters and panellists for the second webinar is Professor Cheryl Cohen, the Head of
Department at NICD, Dr Linda Erasmus, a specialist at NICD and Dr Ramneek Ahluwalia, the CEO of

The tailormade Higher Education training module on COVID-19, has been developed specifically for
the Post Schooling sector, in consideration of our unique environment, demands and challenges. The
training include the following aspects:

• Epidemiology
• Clinical presentation and management of suspected cases
• Surveillance including case definition
• Specimen collection
• Laboratory testing
• Clinical management
• Criteria for persons under investigation
• Infection Control Methodology
• Specimen collection
• Case notifications and Linkage to Care
• Myths, stigma and prevention guidelines

• Recommendations for self-isolation/self-quarantine
• Latest government guidelines and protocols

I hereby invite all our academia, senior management, student support service officials, campus clinic
healthcare staff, student leadership and peer educators, Union representatives, HIGHER HEALTH
Campus Health and Wellness staff and any other relevant University and TVET staff and students, to
attend the second webinar training. The details are as follows:

Date: 1 April 2020, Wednesday
Time: 11h00 to 13h00

Options to join the training:

• Join Zoom Meeting:
– Meeting ID: 138491975
– Description: NICD

• Join by Skype for Business

• Join by phone
(for higher quality, dial a number based on
your current location):
– +27 87 550 3946 South Africa
– +27 87 551 7702 South Africa
– Meeting ID: 138491975
– International numbers available:

Should you have any queries or would like to confirm your attendance, kindly email

Note: The PowerPoint presentation and a copy of the first webinar, that was conducted on 20 March
2020, is available on:


HIGHER HEALTH will continue to do capacity development training sessions via a series of webinars,
during the entire lockdown period. These COVID-19 training programmes will be further tailored for
the specific disciplines and departments within the post school sector such as academia, senior
management, student support services, campus clinic staff, employee wellness, occupational health,
student leadership, peer education, amongst others. This training is intended to respond to the
differing needs of the different disciplines in preparation for the re-opening of our campuses and the
possibility of us living with the virus and the outbreak for a protracted period.


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