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May 28, 2018 By ElfriedaT 0 Comment

Postponement: October 2018 EISA

Postponement: October 2018 EISA

Dear Stakeholders

The HWSETA hereby informs you that the date for the 18 October 2018 EISA is postponed to 15 November 2018. In the interim, SDP’s, RTC’s and accredited assessment centres are urged to submit File 1 and 2 directly to the QCTO, to not later than 10 August 2018 and receive confirmation. No late submission will be accepted which means learners will write in the following EISA.

The SDP’s, RTC’s and accredited assessment centres should note the following:

  1. The date for the EISA in 2019 is 14 March 2019
  2. Learner information must be loaded 21 days after registration of learners.
  3. No learners will be allowed to write if learner information has not been correctly uploaded and verified by the QCTO within the stipulated period.
  4. Learners who are rewriting are allowed to write for a maximum of two EISAs.
  5. Failure to pass for the second opportunity learners will be required to re-register for training
  6. Certificates will only be issued once and if it is lost an amount of R250 .00 for re-issue will be charged

Please click here to view official postponement notice: Postponement October 2018 EISA