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Promulgation of National Skills Development Plan 2030

Promulgation of National Skills Development Plan 2030

National Skills Development Plan 2030

‘An Educated, Skilled and Capable Workforce for South Africa’

In February 2019, Minister Naledi Pandor of the Department of Higher Education and Training, promulgated the National Skills Development Plan to improve the skills development in terms of Section 9(4) of the Skills Development Act.

The NSDP seeks to ensure that South Africa has adequate, appropriate and high quality skills that contribute towards economic growth, employment creation and social development. The plan derives from the broader plan of government, namely the NDP, which aims to put in place the framework whereby, we ‘build the capabilities our citizens to make our future work’.

The White Paper notes the challenges that relate to the wide role of the SETAs and argues that the development of “a tighter, streamlined focus for the SETA is a key step in strengthening them”. Central to the role of the SETAs is to effectively contribute towards the realisation of the outcomes as laid out in the NSDP, throughout their functions is to focus on building the relationships with workplaces and education and training authorities.

The NSDP outlines the scope of the SETAs and crucially highlights the institutional arrangements of the SETAs.

It notes:

  1. SETAs will have no limited lifespan but a mechanism to address non-performance will be established;
  2. Where required, the Minister will introduce institutional reviews, as the socio-economic policy environment is not static;
  3. SETAs demarcation, amongst others, will be based on industrial classification, value chain and financial viability; and
  4. Establishment of Shared Services, where practically possible.

The full scope of the SETAs in terms of the NSDP can be found on page 29-32 of the attached gazette.

To view the gazette and annexure please click below: