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January 9, 2020 By Dhesan Govender 2 Comments

HWSETA Makes Access To Training Easier For Levy-Exempt Organisations

The HWSETA recently made available access to formalised accredited training for staff of smaller levy-exempt organisations. Smaller NGOs generally struggle to source and fund training for their staff that can be directly applicable to their core mandate. The HWSETA recognised that these NGOS would benefit from computer skills training as well as leadership capacitation. R7.4 million has been made available which covers the cost of training, venue, stationery, assessment, certification and a transport subsidy. “As the HWSETA we determined that access to quality, accredited training is a luxury for our levy-exempt organisations and we had to intervene to ensure that training takes place”, said Mlulamisi Mhlangu, WSP Manager.

Testimony from mothers2mothers, a beneficiary of this funding:

Two years ago – m2m’s Human Resource Department received Performance Development Contracts (PDCs) from the organisation’s three Facilities Assistants – Sindiswa Vuntu, Bongeka Matikane and Zoeria Johnson. PDCs are generally a tool that m2m uses to monitor the performance of its human resources and essentially identify developmental and learning challenges. They highlighted a willingness for them to be trained in Microsoft Office Suite. This happened during a time when m2m had just submitted a Workplace Skills Plan and was successful. We subsequently received a Levy Exempt Grant from the HWSETA for the period 2017-2018 for non-accredited training. These funds were so useful in that our Skills Development Facilitator believes in what m2m stands for which is to “Empower Women”, saw the potential in these three staff members and approached them regarding the opportunity to go on a one-day “Computers Made Easy” and “Introduction of Microsoft Office Suite” Course. On the 26th of March 2019 they attended the Course.

Needless to say, when they returned to the office, they were so excited and overjoyed about this opportunity that they were afforded. To crown it all, the SDF then went even further and reached out to their IT Department to see if there were spare laptops that they could use in order for them to practice on. The IT Department then set up laptops for them, as well as created email addresses for them in order feel part of all communication that are circulated on a regular basis at their Head Office. Bongeka, Sindiswa and Zoeria were ecstatic when they received the laptops and are now checking their emails.

The outcome is that this wonderful opportunity made possible by the HWSETA allowed for them to feel part of something greater than just Facilities Staff.


  1. khanyisani Mathenjwa
    khanyisani Mathenjwa
    3rd February 2020 reply

    its honor and privilledge to be a part HWSETA, what are doing for our nation is extraordinary, its more than government responsibility, it is resposibility to appreciate what are doing for our our nation please keep up a good work.
    thank you

    • Wendy Tembe
      Wendy Tembe
      17th February 2020 reply

      Dear Khanyisani

      Thank you for the complement!!!


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