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December 3, 2020 By Dhesan Govender 0 Comment

HWSETA Launches Sanitizers And Masks Project In Klerksdorp

The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses worldwide. In recent weeks, the South African government, business communities, philanthropists and society at large have shown remarkable unity in a joint effort to protect our country against the impact of COVID-19.

HWSETA also took part in this initiative by launching and funding the sanitiser and masks project at Khuma, Klerksdorp on 04 May 2020. The main purpose of this event is to curb the covid-19 virus pandemic and aimed at establishing manufacturing processes which will encourage the community to develop products instead of only consuming them, contribute to the establishment of local economy and lastly to create employment in the community.

In attendance were various organisations, including NPOs, NGOs, FBOs, Councillors, Local Politicians, HIV/AIDS advocacy groups, stakeholders and role players of the project including HWSETA.60 participants in the community and the criteria for selecting them was that they had to have Matric and no income in the household. The project was for 6 months.

‘’In funding this project, we not only want to create a sense of reliance on the payment of stipends, but we will be encouraged when the participants in this initiative can start thinking beyond responding to COVID-19 and coming up with sustainable mechanisms to sustain themselves further. HWSETA is an enabler in this project and our hope is for the beneficiaries to grab the opportunity and bring change to their lives and the livelihood of the community, whilst using this opportunity to fight this disease that is confronting us’’. said Thabo Modisane the provincial Manager of North West Province Branch.

In attendance was also Cllr Barei Elizabeth Mosiane-Segotso who also expressed her appreciation to HWSETA, she said that she is grateful with the intervention through multifocal investment (monetary, human and product development) and general attentiveness provided to her District Municipality.

Furthermore, the Mayor applauded HWSETA for the noble gesture they are doing by developing and implementing this project, more especially to the impoverished township of Khuma which is mainly reliant on the mining industry for their livelihood, and due to the scaling down of mining activities many are left unemployed. She pleaded with the beneficiaries to grab the opportunity with both hands and make it a success.

After the tour of the facility, the entourage, led by the Mayor left for the local hostel where free sanitisers and masks were distributed to the residents. The tour included some educational talks on ways to combat the pandemic and the residents were recipient of our visit. The same was reciprocated in an informal settlement called Unit 10.

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