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HWSETA congratulates Ms Elaine Brass as newly appointed CEO

November 4, 2020

The HWSETA is proud to announce that Ms Elaine Brass has been appointed CEO following the recruitment process and approval by the Cabinet for a period of 5 years. Ms Brass started working at the HWSETA in December 2007 in the position of CFO and has served the HWSETA in an Acting CEO role and CEO position. Ms Brass is a qualified CA and has served the HWSTA with honour and distinction over the past few years. Staff are required to please provide your full support and co-operation to the CEO. We wish Ms Elaine Brass a pleasant and enjoyable stay and every success in her position as she leads the HWSETA. Congratulations!

Last modified: November 4, 2020

15 Responses to " HWSETA congratulates Ms Elaine Brass as newly appointed CEO "

  1. Hi i am Nokwenama zulu looking for leanership program.

    • Wendy Tembe says:

      Dear Nokwenza

      Kindly verify with the department of Health and Social Development and check when do they advertise for learnership opportunities. HWSETA advertise funding to the departments on an annual basis and once they are approved for funding they advertise to recruit the learners.

      Trust you will find this note in order.

      Thank you

  2. Esther Smit says:

    Good day
    I have a training school in Pretoria CBD (Thutobophelo Training and Skills Academy). Our accreditation is with HWSETA.

    There has been countless e mails to Mr Molefe to issue certificates and to date have received none since 2016.

    This is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed. I am in such a need that I would humbly like to request a meeting with Ms Brass, as my other meetings have not been taken seriously.

    Thank you

    • Wendy Tembe says:

      Dear Esther

      Kindly note that the Executive Manager ETQA Ms. Motubatse addressed the matter directly with Richard Molefe and Marisa Martens from Thutobophelo Training and Skills Academy.
      Trust you will find this note in order.
      Thank you

  3. Tshidi says:

    Good day my name is Matshidiso

    I have a serious challenge. I commenced a 1year full qualification CYC with NICDAM in Sep 2015 to August 2016. To this day we have not received our certificates. I have been discussing the matter back and forth with Mr Richard Molefe and James Molapo of NICDAM but there is no progress I have been calling and emailing no positive response. It has been a period of 5 years heading to sixth one still not receiving our HWSETA certificates. This matter is very urgent please help us, we have lost so many opportunities of employment because of this challenge.

  4. Anastacia Makwakwa says:


    Kindly explain what is SDP standing for please.

  5. Manqoba Maphumulo says:

    Morning Sir or Madam i am Manqoba Maphumulo a founder of the organisation called Ubuntu Community Project 248-615 NPO which is operating in KZN under iLembe District in a place called Mandeni. We have submitted our T.Number application in time on the day 11th March 2022. Due to HWSETA’s error they gave us a feedback about our application on the day 13 May 2022 and it was approved by Daphney Mafolo with a T.number ( T110002395).when i’m creating our organisation draft WSP on HWSETA system, the system shows an error ” WSP end date is( 30/04/2022) for current year is expired. We are not allowed to create a new WSP. I called to the HWSETA’s kzn offices about this issue and one of the official forwarded me a form to apply for WSP extension submission for 2022- 2023 and i submitted that form with a formal letter detailing justifiable reasons for requesting WSP extension submission to Mr Mlulamisi Mhlanga WSP manager and his feedback was ” We are unable to assist you at this time if you have not created a draft WSP on HWSETA system by 30 April 2022,as the deadline for submitting a WSP is regulated to 30 April”. The application form for WSP extension submission for 2022-2023 stated that ” the maximum period for an extension is one month – thereby making the due date 31 May 2022″ so we are confused why we cant be assisted and again we as Ubuntu Community Project we feel that the treatment is unfair to us because we submitted all required documents in time, it was HWSETA’s side that approved our application late. As Ubuntu Community Project we are asking for fair assistance in this matter thank you.

    • Wendy Tembe says:

      Dear Manqoba

      Thank you for the email, kindly be informed that the submission of the WSP is regulated and has Audit implications should the Employers fail to adhere to the regulated deadline, the closing date is the 30th of April each year. The system closes after the deadline. However, if the Employer is unable to meet the deadline because of justifiable reasons, the Employer must create a draft WSP on the system before the 30th of April and request the extension in writing before the 30th of April.

      Kindly note that the T-number application is a separate process. Non – Levy paying Organisations / Employers should be linked to a T-number first for them to access the WSP.

      Should you still need further clarity on the matter, you are more than welcome to contact us you can have a zoom meeting with the WSP Manager.

      Trust you will find this note in order

      Thank you

      • Manqoba Maphumulo says:

        Thank you Wendy for your respond.

        Please assist Ubuntu Community Project with a Late Manual Submission as per Mandatory Grant Policy point 16.

        which state that ” Organisations who have failed to create a WSP by the cut off date of the 30th April each year may lodge a request within 90 days to complete a manual submission of their WSP. It must, however, be noted that this submission is considered a late submission. An organisation submitting late will not qualify to recieve thier Mandatory Grant for that financial year. The organisation will, however be allowed to access Discrictionary Grant Funding if it is still available after they have made a late submission and if they qualify with the criteria of Discretionary Grant Funding”

        As Ubuntu Community Project we wish you to assist us with the process of lodging a request to complete a manual submission of the WSP.

        Will appreciate alot if you respond to me as soon as possible because 10 June 2022 EOI is closing.

        Thank you in advance

  6. Happiness says:

    Hi Wendy I have sent you and Mr Molefe an email concerning our 5month stipend with our employer and to there has not been a positive feedback at all it’s been a month and Mr Molefe does not return my emails anymore.

    • Wendy Tembe says:

      Dear Happiness

      Kindly be informed that I will request the province to make a follow-up.

      Trust you will find this note in order

      Thank you


  7. Mmusho says:

    Hi wendy it has been 8 months now we haven’t received our stipend and our training provider has not been paid,Mr Molefe keeps on promising every week..I don’t know what else to do ..some of us even miss school due to transport fees.. please do us justice

    • Wendy Tembe says:

      Dear Mmusho

      Thank you, kindly note that for HWSETA to assist in this query. We need the following information.

      1. Name of the Employer – The company recruited you.
      2.The programme you are funded for.
      3.The duration of the programme (start and end date)

      Please send this information to:

      For onward advise.

      Thank you


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