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June 17, 2020 By Dhesan Govender 0 Comment

HWSETA Celebrates Fallen Heroes on Human Rights Day

Human Right`s Day is celebrated in South Africa on the 21st March annually. The purpose of this celebration is to; firstly remind South Africans of the events of the 1960 Sharpeville massacre, where 69 people were killed (29 of them children) while protesting the pass laws of the apartheid era , secondly is to honour those who fought for our liberation and the rights we enjoy today.

South African government was characterised by systematic defiance and protest apartheid and racism across the country in the 60`s and on 1st March the community of Sharpeville and Langa townships, embarked on a protest march against pass laws. Apartheid police shot and killed 69 of the protesters at Sharpeville, of whom were.
This day is meant to celebrate the fallen heroes that did so much for us to get our freedom today and most importantly to reflect on Madiba`s dreams and aspiration of the respect of basic rights.

Violence against Woman and Children

Although South African have come a long way since the apartheid era – there are still many burning issues affecting our society today. For instance, violence against women and Children has increased gradually in the past years and research shows many cases of domestic violence are still not reported. Violence against women and children takes many forms – either, physical, sexual, economic, psychological- all of this represent a violation of human dignity and human right.

In South Africa 40% of men have beaten their partners and one in four has committed sexual crimes. Even if only 2% leads to charges being laid, violence against women is a growing phenomenon and as many as one woman in four has undergone beatings or abuse.

HWSETA commemorates Human Right Day to reinforce our commitment to the Bill of Rights as stated in our constitution.

Basic human rights you should know:
• The right to Human dignity
• The right to equality
• The right to education
• The right to freedom and security
• The right to freedom of expression
• The right to the political rights

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