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May 26, 2020 By Dhesan Govender 6 Comments

Communique to Private Colleges Regarding Their Preparations and State Of Readiness to Resume 2020 Academic Activities


  1. Nosipho
    29th June 2020 reply

    My name is Nosipho, how to apply for basary?

    • Wendy Tembe
      Wendy Tembe
      11th July 2020 reply

      Dear Nosipho

      Should there be an advertisement for the bursary. You may apply.

      Thank you

  2. Bianca Marques-Correia
    Bianca Marques-Correia
    1st February 2021 reply

    Good day

    I would like to know about financial assistance for Higher Certificate Animal Welfare through UNISA?
    Do you offer this? how do I apply? what are the requirements?

  3. Bilal
    14th September 2022 reply

    Does HWSETA fund students who are studying at a private institution in SA?

    • Wendy Tembe
      Wendy Tembe
      19th September 2022 reply

      Dear Bilal

      Kindly be informed that HWSETA administer Bursary funding through public universities in South Africa.

      Trust you will find this note in order

      Thank you

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