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February 13, 2020 By Dhesan Govender 6 Comments

Application for Extension to Submission Deadline for WSP 2020-2021

Deadline for WSP Submission Is 30 April 2020.

Due Date for Application for Extension Is 15 March 2020.

  • Please attach a formal letter to the WSP extension submission application form, detailing justifiable reasons for an extension, must be signed by the SDF and Senior Management team member of the organisation.
  • The maximum period for an extension is one month – thereby making the due date the 31 May 2020.
  • Submission will be made online or email and direct to the WSP Manager:
    Mr. Mlulamisi Mhlanga

Please download Application for Extension to Submission Deadline Form Here


  1. Nature kunene
    Nature kunene
    12th August 2020 reply

    Good morning Mam /Sir I am interested in Child and youth care cause level 4 leanership I have community health care level 2 kindly help

    • Wendy Tembe
      Wendy Tembe
      13th August 2020 reply

      Dear Nature

      Kindly note that you may apply when employers advertise for such opportunities, HWSETA advertised funding n May this year to HWSETA registered Employers.Department of social development. further, please note that HWSETA does not recruit learners into funded programmes only Employers do recruit learners.

      Trust you will find this note in order.
      Thank you

  2. Adriel
    7th February 2022 reply

    Im an sdf of asisizaneni victim empowerment which document or things it needed when you are submiting WSP

    • Wendy Tembe
      Wendy Tembe
      8th February 2022 reply

      Dear Adriel

      Kindly note that HWSETA i currently doing WSP workshop to all provinces kindly check the information on the website or contact your provincial office for further guidance.

      Trust you will find this note in order

      Thank you

  3. Teresia
    21st March 2023 reply

    Is Hugenote kollege accredited, I did a certificate with them since 2019 I’m still waiting for the certificate, I’m even finishing my degree this year while they have not even delivered the certificate

    • Wendy Tembe
      Wendy Tembe
      22nd March 2023 reply

      Dear Teresia

      Kindly be informed that the college is accredited with HWSETA until 04 January 2024.

      Trust you ill find this note in order

      Thank you

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