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December 1, 2019 By Elaine Brass 0 Comment

A Word from the CEO

Once again we find ourselves at the end of a calendar year.  The HWSETA has had a busy period with significant events such as holding National EISA examinations for the Social Auxiliary Work Qualification for the first time.  These final assessment examinations were held nationally under a controlled environment.  EISA is the result of a process to ensure a common standard for QCTO qualifications in South Africa.  These examinations ensure that standards are maintained at a high level, resulting in greater employability amongst these qualifications.

Our AGM was held on 31 October 2019 where the Performance of the HWSETA as well as the Annual Financial Statements for 2018-2019 was presented to our stakeholders.  This year it was held in Bloemfontein, where the friendly city welcomed us and supported the AGM.  The HWSETA achieved 91% of its annual targets set and had another successful unqualified financial audit. The HWSETA strives for continuous improvement and has set the road for another successful year for 2019-2020 where we want to achieve 100% of our targets and have a clean audit result.  We have also finalized Service Excellence Charters across the organisation to help us improve our service to you, our valued stakeholders.

The HWSETA recently welcomed two new executive managers. Ms Zandile Mafata has joined us as the new Chief Financial Officer. She comes with a wealth of knowledge in the public sector having come from the City of Johannesburg Ombudsman’s office. In July, Mr Clayton Peters took up the new positive of Executive Manager for the Provinces. He joins us from the Deputy Minister of the Department of Higher Education, Science and Innovation’s office. Clayton’s role is to oversea operations at our provincial and satellite offices. I would like to welcome them both and wish them everything of the best for their tenure.

Through the period the HWSETA has been focused on research, information gathering and understanding our stakeholders and sector, including what the future may hold for our sectors.  In this we have also strengthened our information, data and intelligence by attending the HSPCA Conference, HASA Conference, HISA Conference, National Pharmacy Conference and SAIHO Conference.  Coupled with other research and data gathering, the HWSETA uses these opportunities to ensure that our planning and strategic direction remains fresh and relevant.

The HWSETA also acknowledges the importance of marking significant events in South Africa’s annual calendar.  This year, staff were encouraged to dress up for Heritage Day to showcase their heritage.  We spent the afternoon showcasing and telling of heritage and enjoying together the delicious eats from each culture. This allows us to understand each other better and work towards achieving impact for our sectors that rely on the HWSTA for skills development.

The HWSETA ensures that we “put our money where our mouth is”.  Breast cancer screening was offered to employees.  The health of people in South Africa is a priority for the country and the HWSETA is working closely with the Department of Health and the Precedency’s office in support of the NHI.  Please enjoy the other articles where the HWSETA takes time to support other events depicting greater challenges in our society.

The HWSETA has implemented a changed cycle for project approval and implementation.  This period has seen Expression of Interest advertising, allocation of funding and signing of thousands of MoA’s. committing millions of Rands to projects to ensure impact in our sectors.  We wish all our employers and partners all the best in the implementation of these projects that will benefit all our sectors and especially learners across all types of funding and interventions.

Please enjoy our articles we have prepared.

Finally, the HWSETA takes this opportunity to wish our Employers, SDP’s, Partners and Stakeholders a joyous and safe festive season.  Take care.


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