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September 22, 2021 By Elaine Brass 2 Comments

The Power of Traditional Medical Practice with Modern Healthcare



  1. Mankoto Lesufi
    Mankoto Lesufi
    27th July 2022 reply

    The hybridization of traditional African and western-inclined medical practice will not infiltrate our healthcare system if we continue to treat traditional health Practitioners and their organizational formations as subservient. This irregular and grotesque practice is demonstrated by deliberate and unashamed exclusion of Traditional Health Practitioners and their representative organizations from the HWSETA Board membership and other important decision-making subcommittees and structures. With the rapid unfolding formalization of Traditional Health Practitioners by different from spheres of the Department of Health to practicalize provisions of Traditional Health Practitioners Act 22 of 2007, it becomes even more urgent and imperative to include the leadership of traditional healers in decision-making fora. The HWSETA should become aggressive in collaborating with the leadership of Traditional Health Practitioners so as to think about methodologies around curricular development for this indigenous ector. Let’s get in touch so that we keep the ball rolling. Message from a representative of the National Traditional Healers Union

    • Wendy Tembe
      Wendy Tembe
      11th August 2022 reply

      Dear Mankoto

      Thank you for the email, please be informed that your email has been forwarded to the CEO’s office.

      Trust you will find this note in order.

      Thank you

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