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June 17, 2020 By Dhesan Govender 4 Comments

Skills Development To Address Community Needs And Job Creation

For over 25 years, African woman have not had 100% freedom for what we all have been fighting for. Instead, unemployment within communities leave over 43% of the female population in poverty, due to lack of education, job opportunities and gender-based equality. Woman are still facing the challenges where males are preferred over females in job market.

Early last year, HWSETA partnered with an organisation called the Afribiz Foundation, which has worked tirelessly for the past 3 years to develop a product that is sustainable, economic, affordable and eco-friendly to our environment called the Kuhle Pads. This initiative is aimed at providing skills development and job creation by creating cooperatives made of 60 unemployed youth to manufacture and distribute what it calls “Dignity Care Pack for girls” to school-girls in rural and poor communities. While this is addressing a need in these communities it also creates 1080 direct jobs.

Eight out of 10 girls miss school every month, 6 out of 10 girls will drop out of school by the age of 14 or drop out by grade 8 due to the lack of menstrual support, that is why HWSETA did not hesitate to lend a helping hand when asked to be involved in this initiative.

Kacha Stepanovic , founder of Afribiz Foundation says that by training these young women, they are able to give the community the skills to sew reusable sanitary pads that will always be a need to women, in addition we provide administration skills which will enable the admin team to help run the centre and do quality control, quantity control and basic bookkeeping, administration and filling, we teach them communication skills for interaction on telephonic business calls.

‘’I am so grateful for HWSETA, firstly for believing in us and giving us a chance and secondly it has helped over hundreds of women through this project, through the training and upskilling, we have seen the communities change for the better and most importantly we planted seeds of hope back into the women of these communities’’, she said with a smile.

This project is being rolled out in 6 provinces so far and disabled women who we all know its difficult to be employed are also be part of this project.

The pack is innovative and made up of:
Monthly pack
Body soap
Body lotion
Hand Sanitizer
Face cloth
Underwear including sanitary pads

All the above items are made by women in communities and distribute these to identified schools in their communities. The manufacturing process is labour intensive, and no prior skills are needed. In addition to the skills each group of 60 will be left with sewing machines and kits, laptops for administration, mixing machines and all ingredients and materials. This will enable them to continue production and supply.


  1. Mmatsatsi Maake
    Mmatsatsi Maake
    30th July 2020 reply

    Is the bursary open for 2021 applicants? If so can I get the application form for 2021 because all the is online is 2020 application form. I sent an email to the Sipho but I was never replied.

    • Wendy Tembe
      Wendy Tembe
      3rd August 2020 reply

      Dear Mmatsatsi

      Kindly be informed that HWSETA will advertise in February 2021.

      Trust you will find this note in order.

      Thank you


  2. Mikateko Vallery Ntlemo
    Mikateko Vallery Ntlemo
    19th November 2020 reply

    Good day I’m a Qualified community health worker.. I obtained my level 4 at Mpilo Royal College under HWSETA… Can you how ever assist with job opportunities regarding my qualification… I worked at Qalakabusha Home based care for 3 years as a care giver. Thanks

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