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Expressions of Interest

HWSETA Call for Expression of Interest 2021-2022
Expression Of Interest – Technical Experts in The Category: Health and Social Care
HWSETA Call for Expressions of Interest 2021-2022

The following Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for 2021-2022 are currently open and the HWSETA invites all eligible stakeholders to apply. (Please click on each EOI to download the individual details):

- Bursaries for Employed grant
- Vocational Bursaries grant
- TVET Workplace Experience grant
- Lecturer Development grant
- Skills Programmes grant
- Learnerships grant
- Artisan Development grant
- Adult Education and Training grant
- Work Integrated Learning grant

To make an application please click here

Note that the closing date for each EOI is 20 August 2021 and no manual/email submissions will be accepted.

HWSETA Call for Expression of Interest 2020-2021

HWSETA Call for Expression of Interest 2020-2021

Expression of Interest: Funding of Medical Equipment Maintenance Programme 2019-2020

Closing date and time: 30 September 2019 by 16:00.

Compressed Workplace Skills Plan and Workplace Skills Survey

This survey/compressed WSPATR must be filled in once a year. It must be filled in by employers who are below the threshold of WSPATR submission. For 2018/19, it must be filled in and submitted together with the application for funding only by those below the threshold and who did not submit WSPATR online.

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