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The HWSETA exists to achieve the following within the health, social development and veterinary sectors:

  • Develop and implement the Sector Skills Plan
  • Skills development planning, programmes and initiatives
  • Monitoring of education and training
  • Identification of workplaces for practical work experience
  • Support and facilitate the development of the National Skills Development Strategy
  • Disbursement of levies collected
  • Forge links with all stakeholders and relevant bodies
  • Account for the effective and efficient use of public monies in line with the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act
  • Promotion of the employment of disabled persons
The creation of a skilled workforce for the health and social development needs of all South Africans
The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) endeavours to create an integrated approach to the development and provision of appropriately skilled health and social development workers, to render quality services comparable to world class standards.
The HWSETA espouses the philosophy of a better life for all through people development.
The HWSETA holds dear the following core values:

  • Service Excellence
  • Transformation
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Accountability


Hwseta Service Delivery Charter 2019

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