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Verification of Assessments

Quality Assurance of Learner Achievement

Quality Assurance of Learner Achievement is captured through the process of verification whereby an accredited training providerís training programme and the method in which it is assessed and moderated is quality assured against the NQF standards and qualification rules. During this process the training providerís policies & procedures are also evaluated. Verification is the endorsement of learner results by the accrediting body i.e. HWSETA

Before requesting a verification visit you need to do a self check

  1. Your training institution must be accredited for the qualification and/or unit standard that was delivered, assessed and moderated.
  2. Your institutions assessors and moderators must be registered with the HWSETA for the qualification and/or unit standard being assessed or moderated.
  3. Your assessments and moderation processes comply with the NQF principles.
  4. Ensure that your learners have been loaded onto the SETA Management System (SMS).
  5. Once steps 1 to 4 are completed, you may apply for verification. Click here to download the Pre-verification Report.

Verification CYCLES, please Click here


An accredited provider must be verified a minimum of once a year to maintain their accreditation status

Click here to download the Verification Report that is utilised during the verification.


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