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Learner Achievements

Learner Achievement is the process that leads to the certification of constituent learners who have been assessed and proven competent against NQF registered qualificationsand/or unit standards. The HWSETA conducts verification prior to providers issuing certificates for Skills Programmes or HWSETA issuing learner certificates for full qualification achievement.

Outcome of the Verification

After the verification process, the HWSETA ETQA will endorse the learning achievement that the learners have achieved and thereafter do the following:

  • Upload the information on the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) database
  • Certificate learners against the registered unit standard and/ or qualification
  • Record learner achievements on the National Learner Record Database

The HWSETA ETQA will not endorse learner achievements if the outcome of the verification mechanism has revealed the following:

  • Fraud or irregularities in the provider process
  • Flaws in the assessment tool
  • Inadequate or inconsistent assessment
  • Any other irregularities that may be detected during the verification process
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