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Qualifications Development

The Qualifications Development unit within the HWSETA’s ETQA Division, through its association with the QCTO, has been appointed as both a Development Quality Partner (DQP) and an Assessment Quality Partner (AQP).

In its role as a DQP, the Qualifications Development Unit has in the last two years been successful at converting several unit standard based qualifications into three occupational qualifications that have been successfully registered with the QCTO. Click on the links below to view the qualifications document; the curriculum development document; and the external assessment specifications for these three occupations as provided on the QCTO website.

In its role as an Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) for these occupational qualifications, the HWSETA is required to administer and coordinate the final external integrated summative assessments (EISA). This entails:

  • Recommending to QCTO the accreditation of Assessment Centres
  • To ensure learners meet minimum eligibility requirements to complete the assessment
  • Having exemplars available for learners to prepare for the assessment
  • To ensure that marking and moderation happens
  • To submit to QCTO learner information and final assessment for certification once minimum requirements are met

External Integrated Summative Assessments (EISA)

EISA assessments for which the HWSETA is the AQP take place each year in March and October. For 2018, the assessments are scheduled for 15 March and 18 October.

Click here for information on accredited assessment centres as provided on the QCTO website (click on the link titled Accredited Assessment Centres for new Occupational Qualifications (Non-Trades)

Click here for a list of accredited skills development providers (SDPs) as provided on the QCTO website

External Integrated Summative Assessments (EISA)

    QCTO Policy Documents

    QCTO Policy Documents

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