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Supplier to provide training on the following courses for 100 ETD Practitioners of HWSETA accredited and approved skills development providers nationally:

  • 115755: Design and develop outcome-based assessments
  • 115753: Conduct outcomes-based assessment
  • 115759: conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments

Has been awarded to:





90 5 95 R801 068.80


For more information please contact, Mrs N Motloung in the Procurement Unit on

Tel: 011 607 6900 – Fax 011 615 4078 – e-mail ntombizodwam@hwseta.org.za.



Registration of Service Providers in the National Treasury Central Supplier Database

The National Treasury Central Supplier Database is the single database that will serve as the source of all suppliers’ information for all organs of the State for the purpose of procurement of goods and services.

All prospective suppliers who want to apply for a listing as a preferred provider on the HWSETA database must make use of the self-registration portal of the Central Supplier Database.

Providers must first register as a primary user on the Central Supplier Database and accept the terms and conditions as legally binding and enforceable.

Registration is open to only prospective suppliers.

The access and use of the Central Supplier Database by a user is determined by the category of the registration of the user and the functionality allocated by the Central Supplier Database to that category.

The supplier may not register on the Central Supplier Database through unauthorized use of any detail of another supplier. The National Treasury may take any steps it considers necessary against a supplier who registers or attempts to register on the Central Supplier Database through unauthorised use of any detail of another supplier.

A supplier hereby authorises the State to use the key information of the supplier from the Central Supplier Database for procurement processes.

A unique supplier number and security code will be allocated and suppliers will be required to keep their data updated regularly and should confirm at least once a year that their data is still current, and verification of relevant supplier data against SARS, CIPC etc. will be done regularly as required.

The Central Supplier Database website can be accessed on www.csd.gov.za

A supplier can access the Central Supplier Database through the internet. Below are recommended browsers:

  • Chrome from version 40
  • Firefox from version 36
  • Internet explorer from version 11
  • Opera from version 26
  • Safari from version 7

Suppliers who do not have internet or computer access will be able to liaise with an organ of the State for assistance. It is foreseen that the Thusong, SEDA and Post Offices in the Provinces will also be used to assist with supplier self-registration.

All suppliers will be required to complete required information on the Central Supplier Database website and must ensure that it is complete, accurate and comprehensive.

The Registration Process

  • Access the Central Supplier Database site on csd.gov.za
  • Register a new Central Supplier Database account
  • Receive an activation email and OTP (activation code)
  • Log in on the Central Supplier Database
  • Complete the following:

Tax information

Bank account information

Address information

Contract information

Supplier identification

Ownership if non-CIPC company

Associates if relevant

Commodities information

BBBEE information


The Central Supplier Database supplier number and unique security code is auto-generated and will be communicated to you.


Suppliers who are currently registered on the HWSETA database will be automatically transferred to the Central Supplier Database by 31 March 2016.

For more information, please contact, Mrs. N Motloung from the Procurement Unit on:

Tel: (011) 607 6900

Fax: (011) 615 4078

Email: ntombizodwam@hwseta.org.za


General Conditions of Contract Inclusion of Par 34 CIBD (download pdf)
Preference Points Claim Form HWSETA (download pdf)
SBD4 Form (download pdf)
SBD2 Tax Clearance Certificate Requirements (download pdf)
SBD6.3 (download pdf)
SBD8 (download pdf)
SBD9 Certificate of Independent Bid Determination (download pdf)
CIPC Registration Notice (download pdf)
HWSETA Database Form (download pdf)
SBD4 Form (download pdf)
Tender Response Guidelines (download pdf)
Tender Checklist Service Providers Printing Services (download pdf)
Tender Completion Checklist Assessors and Moderators RPL (download pdf)