Training Provider?

Resources for Skills Development Providers

HWSETA Accredited and Approved Skills Development Providers for Full Qualifications (download pdf)
HWSETA Accredited and Approved Skills Development Providers for Skills Programmes (download pdf)
Accreditation intent Form (download pdf)
Training Implementation Intent Form (download pdf)
Learning Programme Application Form (download pdf)
Monitoring Tool (download pdf)
Accreditation Application Form (download pdf)
Extension of Scope Application Pre-evaluation Checklist (download pdf)
Extension of Scope Process Flow (download pdf)
Programme Approval and Extension of Scope Approval Recommendation Checklist (download pdf)
Programme Approval Application Pre-evaluation Checklist (download pdf)
Programme Approval MOU Process Flow Chart (download pdf)
Provider Accreditation Process Flow (download pdf)
Verification Guidelines (download pdf)
Verification Process Flow (download pdf)
Verification Template (download pdf)
Reaccreditation Application Form (download pdf)
Reaccreditation Process Flow (download pdf)
Accreditation Policy (download pdf)
Monitoring Policy (download pdf)

Resources for Learner Achievement

Certification Guidelines (download pdf)
Learner Matrix Template (download excel file)
Monitoring Tool (download pdf)
Pre-verification Report (download pdf)
Application Learner Certificate Reprint (download pdf)
Approval of Learner Achievements (download pdf)
Assessment, Moderation and Verification Policy (download pdf)

Resources for Assessors & Moderators

Assessor and Moderator Registration Process(download pdf)
Assesssor/Moderator Application Form (download pdf)
Assessor Registration Guidelines (download pdf)