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Postponement: October 2018 EISA

Postponement: October 2018 EISA

Dear Stakeholders

The HWSETA hereby informs you that the date for the 18 October 2018 EISA is postponed to 15 November 2018. In the interim, SDP’s, RTC’s and accredited assessment centres are urged to submit File 1 and 2 directly to the QCTO, to jansevanrensburg.A@qcto.org.za not later than 10 August 2018 and receive confirmation. No late submission will be accepted which means learners will write in the following EISA.

The SDP’s, RTC’s and accredited assessment centres should note the following:

  1. The date for the EISA in 2019 is 14 March 2019
  2. Learner information must be loaded 21 days after registration of learners.
  3. No learners will be allowed to write if learner information has not been correctly uploaded and verified by the QCTO within the stipulated period.
  4. Learners who are rewriting are allowed to write for a maximum of two EISAs.
  5. Failure to pass for the second opportunity learners will be required to re-register for training
  6. Certificates will only be issued once and if it is lost an amount of R250 .00 for re-issue will be charged

Please click here to view official postponement notice: Postponement October 2018 EISA

New HWSETA Helpdesk Portal

An HWSETA helpdesk portal has been introduced to provide the best service delivery possible to all our relevant stakeholders.

The previous method of sending emails to erp@hwseta.org.za will no longer be used and has been replaced.

Click here to view the new portal.

To ensure an excellent stakeholder service experience, it is essential that you supply the required information as detailed below when logging in a ticket for assistance.

Issue/Query Details

  1. Summary – A brief one line overview of your issue or query.
  2. Description – A detailed description of the issue or query. Being as descriptive as possible assists the customer service team in identifying and resolving your issue or query as soon as possible.

Your Details

  1. Location – The location/province where you wish to log your issue/query.
  2. Stakeholder Type –  Specifying the type of stakeholder you are, assists the customer service team in assigning the ticket to the correct person to resolve your issue or query as soon as possible.
  3. ID – HWSETA Accreditation Number to be supplied if you are an assessor, moderator or provider. SDL number to be supplied if you are an organisation. South African ID/Passport Number to be supplied if you are an SDF or any other stakeholder.
  4. E-mail Address – Please supply the email address of the person experiencing an issue or raising a query.
  5. Contact Number – Please supply the contact number of the person experiencing an issue or raising a query.


HWSETA Funds Animal Health Training in Eastern Cape

Ntabankulu, Eastern Cape, 26 May 2016: The link between animal and human health, combined with the need for rural communities to be capacitated in improved animal health has seen the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) commit funding to a variety of animal health projects and programmes over the last 18 months.

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HWSETA and SSACI Partnership Yields First Group of Trained Artisans

Johannesburg, 5 March 2016: Unless South Africa ramps up its annual training of artisans to 30 000 a year by 2030, the country’s requirement for artisans in the construction, engineering and other relevant sectors will not be met and the impact will be felt in the sustainability of these industries and very importantly, economic growth. The decline in the training of artisans started in the mid-1980s and by 2013 was identified as an urgent priority for the country.

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HWSETA Joins Forces with UP Faculty of Veterinary Science in Skills Development Initiatives

Onderstepoort, 28 January 2016: The marked growth in South Africa’s human and animal populations within an environment characterised by climate change, emerging pathogens and toxic releases has resulted in increased health risks for humans and animals alike. To address this, the perspective on public health should be expanded beyond a single species to detect and manage emerging public health threats.

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Second Clean Audit Awarded to HWSETA

The HWSETA is one of seven SETAs awarded a clean audit for the 2014 – 2015 financial year. This is the second consecutive year that the HWSETA has received recognition for its achievements in terms of corporate governance, risk management, consistent application of internal control, knowledge of the application of legislation and Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP)/International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), leadership oversight, as well as staff dedicated and committed to clean reporting.

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The HWSETA and Tshwane North TVET College Join Forces to Train Artisans

Pretoria, 20 August 2015: The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) has joined forces with Tshwane North TVET College (TNC) to train 100 young unemployed learners as artisans. The launch function, held on 20 August 2015 in Pretoria, was attended by the Honourable Mr Mduduzi Manana, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training.

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HWSETA Funds Animal Health Studies in Eastern Cape

At a function held in Tsolo, Eastern Cape, on 25 May 2015 the Health and Welfare Sector Education Training Authority (HWSETA) awarded 50 learners with full bursaries to obtain a Diploma in Animal Health from the Tsolo Agricultural and Rural Development Institute (TARDI).

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